The Great Sacandaga Lake Association has been asked by its members to reduce printing and postage expenses by offering an electronic option for mailings.  We listened and instituted our exclusive GSLA E-BURST system which provides updates to the membership on lake issues and weather warnings.    

Our GSLA MEMBERSHIP E-APPLICATION was created to address the request for electronic communication while maintaining an opportunity for members who prefer to retain a land mail option.  We  appreciate comments on how this process can be improved. 

(Please note that the GSLA policy prohibits the GSLA from releasing membership lists.  The information received on this application will be used by the GSLA to provided by land and electronic communication to members.  Members will receive periodic e-bursts from the GSLA announcing GSLA activities and providing information on lake issues.)  

There are two options for submitting first-time membership applications as well as membership renewals. 

OPTION 1: (Postal Service Option) Under this option, a new member submits the completed e-mail application, receives an electronic invoice and submits payment by check using the postal service.  The applicant will return the invoice with total amount to the GSLA (Box 900, Northville, N.Y. 12134).

OPTION 2: (Internet Option) Under this option, a new member or a renewing member (after receiving a renewal request by mail) submits the completed GSLA e-mail application (below) and receives an e-mail invoice.  The applicant follows the instructions on the invoice and submits the total amount through PayPal. (Persons submitting payment through PayPal are not required to have a PayPal account and may complete payment by credit card.  Payees receive clear instructions that the charge will be made to the GSLA.) 


PLEASE NOTE:  Renewing members should ONLY submit renewal payments AFTER receiving a renewal notification from the GSLA.  These members should include their renewal number found next to their e-mail address on the renewal notice.



In order to produce a membership invoice we request the following information:

(1) GSLA Outreach Information:  In order to better focus our membership outreach efforts, we ask that applicants indicate the primary method though which they heard about the GSLA.  A selection of common methods is listed as well as a 'fill-in-the-blank for options we have not listed.   The GSLA is currently soliciting membership through direct mail solicitation and would particularly like to judge its effectiveness in spreading awareness of the GSLA goals and activities.  We appreciate your help in our information gathering initiative.

(2) Contact Information:  Please enter your name, mailing and e-mail address.

(3) Renewal Information (if appropriate):  Members who are renewing their membership should include their membership number, if available.  (Application renewals can be processed without the number.)

(4) Membership Type:  The GSLA offers five (5) levels of membership.  These are: Individual ($15); Family ($25); Business ($50); Supporting ($50); and Contributing ($100).  Applicants should identify membership type in the space provided on the form.

(5) Additional Program Donations (Optional):  In addition to a membership, the GSLA offers an opportunity for individuals to contribute to identified lake priorities.  Donations may be made for Fish Stocking (all monies are transferred to the Fisheries Federation for their annual stocking on the Great Sacandaga) and to the categories which are used by the GSLA for the following initiatives: Water Level; Water Quality; Boating Safety/Lake Patrols; Environmental Conservation.  The application form requires that individuals identify the donation category and the amount which will be donated, if they opt to donate to any or all of these categories.

PLEASE NOTE:  After submission of the following form, you will receive an invoice to your e-mail address.  The invoice will accurately reflect your membership and donation selections which you have included in the form below.  Your payment of the invoice amount using either the postal service option or PayPal represents a completed application for GSLA membership and authorization of payment.  Please contact the GSLA at the e-mail address below if there are errors in the invoice amounts or questions concerning the application or payment process prior to payment. 

Please send an e-mail to if there are any questions concerning the submission of the form.