Life is good on

Great Sacandaga Lake

You’re a nature lover. You know what it means to feel the sun reflecting off the lake while Bufflehead ducks dip below the surface and Bald eagles soar above. You grew up on the lake, or just found it. It’s where you built your first snowman and learned to ice fish as a teenager. 

It’s where you go when you need a break from it all. It’s where you wake up. 

It’s beaches hold memories of family gatherings and long weekends with good friends. You want to raise your kids here, to give them warm memories of this sacred place.

Imagine yourself a protector of this beauty,
a preserver of history and nature.

The Great Sacandaga Lake Association is now accepting new members. 

Join us in our collective effort to preserve, protect, 

and uphold the high quality of life on our great lake.

Great Sacandaga Lake
Great Sacandaga Lake
Conklingville Dam